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Our Story


Our story is born out of personal frustration and the desire to make a meaningful impact in the world of talent acquisition. As hiring managers ourselves, we experienced first-hand the challenges of finding the right candidates quickly and efficiently. Our projects often suffered delays and setbacks due to the lack of faster and better interviewing and screening. It was astonishing how the talent acquisition process has remained unchanged for decades, while securing a loan takes only a few minutes.

We empathized with the pain of recruiters and organizations, and we knew there had to be a better way. It was time to say goodbye to laborious and time-consuming candidate screening and interviews. A need to crash time - Interview and evaluate candidates within minutes, not weeks. That's when we got together, harnessed the power of Gen-AI, combining our expertise to create HYRGPT Recruiter Copilot.

Welcome to HYRGPT, an interview intelligence platform, where we are challenging the status quo of talent acquisition. We are passionate about revolutionizing the hiring process, empowering recruiters to find top talent faster and effortlessly. Experience Bias-Free Hiring and join us in reshaping the future of talent acquisition with AI-powered recruitment.

Our Core Values


Striving for exceptional quality, precision, and continuous improvement in our products and services.


Understanding and valuing the needs and experiences of our users, and designing solutions that truly address their challenges.


Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all aspects of our work.


Motivating and empowering our team and clients with innovative ideas, creative thinking, and a passion for transforming talent acquisition.

Our Team

Debi Kar


UC Berkeley l 16+ years in technology l Part of Deloitte CTO council and lead - talent acquisition l Built criminal data analytics and tech start-ups l Angel investor | Part of NAS Academy

Neha Mathur


UC Berkeley | 17+ years in leading strategy, growth and operation for hospitality majors & tech start-ups | Managed 2000+ blue & white collared teams

Sameer Dharap


SPJIMR l 18+ years in growth and business transformations across 30+ industries l Big4 consulting and deal advisory l Family Business l 10X Angel investor